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Meet the Team

Get to know the people brought the vision to life!

Headshot of Louis Ha

Louis Ha

Founder / Online Fitness Coach

Louis was born and raised in Northern California and currently calls Alameda home. He studied Marketing/Advertising and Theater Arts at California State University Long Beach before transferring to California State University East Bay. When people ask him to describe himself, he sometimes finds it hard to put into words or explain what he does because the truth is, he doesn't do just one thing!

He's an online fitness entrepreneur. He's also a YouTuber and a certified personal trainer. In the future, he wants to travel the world, own several businesses, invest in stocks and real estate, continue creating content he loves, and write a book.

In other words, he does a little bit of everything. Sometimes, when he doesn't feel like listing all the things he does, he simply tells people that he's a guy who does stuff on the internet.

Headshot of Gabriel Lee

Gabriel Lee

Software Engineer

Gabriel, also known as Gabe, is a talented individual hailing from Montreal Québec, Canada. He met Louis, a personal trainer, when he joined Equinox gym and became friends with him. Gabe holds a degree from McGill University and has previously worked as a Software Engineer at DoorDash, Belong & Wattpad.

Gabe has set his sights on achieving early retirement by taking Bring The Shreds public. He brings his multicultural background and innovative mindset to the table, making him a valuable asset in the industry. In addition to his professional pursuits, Gabe enjoys cooking Asian dishes and is known for his lightning-fast vegetable-cutting skills. He is fluent in English, Korean, and French, enabling him to connect with diverse communities.

Gabriel is constantly making strides in his career while pursuing his passions. His dedication, multifaceted abilities, and inspiring nature make him an extraordinary individual.

Headshot of Alvin Quach

Alvin Quach

Front End Developer

Meet Alvin, a talented Front-End Developer at Bring The Shreds. Alvin met Louis while working together at Safeway Corporate in Pleasanton, CA. He was born and raised in the bay area, and is an alumnus of UC Davis.

Alvin's passion for bringing ideas to life led him to attend Juno College in 2021, where he became a certified Front-End Developer. He specializes in building user-friendly applications using TypeScript and React. With a background in Creative, Marketing, and Community Management, Alvin brings a unique perspective to his work.

In addition to his technical skills, Alvin is a foodie, shoe collector, and DJ. His diverse range of interests fuels his creativity and innovation. Alvin's dedication and drive make him a valuable asset to the Bring The Shreds team.

Alvin Quach, the creative Front-End Developer, is known for his user-friendly applications and diverse range of hobbies. He brings ideas to life with his technical skills and passion for innovation.

Headshot of Mike Seaton

Mike Seaton

Health and Fitness Coach

Introducing Mike Seaton, a dedicated Health and Fitness Coach with a passion for transforming lives. Mike's journey began in 2005 when he crossed paths with Louis in the Delta Chi Fraternity at California State University Long Beach.

In 2020, fueled by his unwavering passion, Mike embarked on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry by founding his own fitness company. This year marks an exciting chapter as he joins forces with the Bring The Shreds team, aiming to provide clients with an unparalleled fitness experience.

With over 15 years of experience in training, Mike holds several certifications, including CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning) and OFNC (Online Fitness and Nutrition). He earned his degree in Kinesiology with a specialization in Coaching and Sport Psychology from Cal State University Long Beach. Currently, Mike serves as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Texas Stars.

While his extensive experience and certifications speak volumes, Mike attributes his greatest assets to his unwavering passion and empathetic nature. He derives genuine joy from empowering clients to fall in love with themselves, fostering lasting transformations.

Mike Seaton's dedication to his craft, coupled with his compassion and enthusiasm, make him a beacon of inspiration in the health and fitness community. Join him on the journey to self-discovery and transformation.

Headshot of Anthony Lew

Anthony Lew


Welcome Anthony, a talented photographer at Bring The Shreds. He and Louis became friends in high school while playing football together. Anthony calls Northern California his home.

With a deep fascination for life and the world, Anthony approaches portraiture with the goal of creating intimate and emotionally evocative portraits. He believes that trust and a comfortable atmosphere are key to capturing meaningful images. Anthony's passion for photography began at a young age, and he has always gravitated towards portraiture, finding inspiration in human interactions and the relationships we forge.

Raised in Hayward, California, the diverse Bay Area has shaped Anthony both as an individual and as a photographer. Throughout his thirty-nine years of life, he has embraced the understanding that there will always be others who excel in the field. This knowledge motivates him to continually evolve and grow as a photographer.

Through Anthony's lens, you get a glimpse into his world, his unique perspective on people, and the intimate connection he shares with his subjects. His photography reflects his own essence, capturing moments that resonate deeply. Discover the beauty and intimacy of Anthony's work as he invites you to see the world through his eyes.

Experience the artistry and emotion in Anthony's photographs as he masterfully captures the essence of his subjects, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Headshot of Tyler Schaner

Tyler Schaner

Marketing Consultant

Tyler, a skilled Marketing Consultant at Bring The Shreds. Tyler and Louis first crossed paths while working together at Safeway Corporate in Pleasanton, CA. Tyler's hometown is Martinez, CA, and he is an alumnus of the University of Puget Sound.

As a former college football player, Tyler transitioned from the field to a desk job in marketing. However, under Louis' guidance, Tyler rediscovered his passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle. Now, he not only supports Bring The Shreds from a marketing perspective but also receives coaching from Louis himself.

Tyler plays a pivotal role in developing Bring The Shreds' digital footprint. Drawing from his extensive experience in analytical strategy and marketing gained in Fortune 100 companies, he brings a deadline-oriented mindset and a creative ingenuity background to the table. His leadership experience further strengthens his contributions to the team.

Tyler Schaner's expertise and drive make him a valuable asset to Bring The Shreds. He combines analytical skills, marketing prowess, and a passion for health and fitness to help shape the company's success. With his strategic mindset and creative mindset, Tyler is dedicated to making a significant impact on Bring The Shreds' growth and reach.

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