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Let's get to know you

These questions will allow your trainer to better get a sense of what you're looking for. We know this looks like a lot but bear with us as it is part of the process. Remember that there are no wrong answers!

What does your current fitness routine consist of (days per week, exercises you do, equipment, etc)

Are you following a diet plan? If so, what kind?

In a year from now, what's your dream body look like? (please be specific, such as weight, muscular development, body fat percentage, etc)

How much progress towards your fitness goals did you make last month?

What roadblocks are slowing you down from attaining your dream body?

Do you have a personal trainer or are following a specific program you found/bought? If so, please tell me what the program is or what your trainer has you do.

How is your fitness progress going?

If you could begin making fast progress towards your fitness goals, would you be interested?

Would having "cheat meals" placed throughout the week help you stick to your diet?

You don't need to do any cardio to lose fat in my programs, is that ok?

How can we reach out to you?



Last and not least...

How motivated are you from 1 to 10?

What kind of help are you looking for right now?